!DelaDap are looking at themselves as a part of this openminded developement and so with quite some self-confidence they define their very own mix of styles from Roma-Gypsy-Roots, chic Jazz and urban Electronic as „Nu-Gypsy“. !DelaDap reinterpret the proud elegance which the Roma inherited from their Indian ancestors anew fort he 21st century. However, it’s always the aim of the band not to miss-use the tradition only as a nice decoration for functional pop-songs, but rather to add another fecet to the richt musical world of the Gypsies and vice-versa. And this the more, because it’s actually nothing new: since centuries the Roma did influence the evolution of what we think are typical European music-styles, like Flamenco, Watz, French Musette or Hungarian Czardasz. It all wouldn’t sound as it does without the musical input rooting in Inda and being brought to us by the Roma. After two successful full length records and five years of touring Europe, by now !DelaDap are considered among the worldwide respected fixtures in both, World Music- as well as in the club-scene. Some of the notable highlights in those eventful years were two nominations for the “price of German record critics”, the “Donauinselfest” performance in front of 10.000 thrilled fans and several live-radio-concerts on German WDR, Austrian ORF and Radio Troika in Poland. Furthermore !DelaDap seized the chance to present their spirited show to worldwide expert public at the Sevilla World-Music fair WOMEX 2007. In the neighbouring country Hungary they are already reckoned as an international top act, annually invited to the major festivals and steady broadcasted on popular tv and radio stations including live-broadcastings of complete concerts f.e. on Germans WDR, Austrias ORF or on Radio Troika in Poland.

  • 2001
  • dela dap, !dela dap