James Cottriall
Like anyone, my life is made up of lots of little things, but, above all, passion, place and love have made me who I am today. I grew up in the countryside of Warwickshire, England, just outside Stratford-upon-Avon. I studied German at the university of Nottingham and that is where the story really starts. As part of the course, it is necessary to complete one year abroad, in this case in a German-speaking country. I chose Austria and after an extremely chaotic and stressful 38 hour flight from London Heathrow I found myself in the historic capital city, beautiful Vienna. In the spring of 2007 I played my first ever solo concert. After my neighbour heard me singing Snow Patrol’s “Run” in the shower, she challenged me to perform in the bar where I was working as a waiter. I didn’t trust myself to play any of my own songs, so I played covers. It was a success and turned into a weekly event. Before long, I started playing “Sunshine” (which is the first song I ever wrote), “Goodbyes” and “Unbreakable”. From that day on I have never looked back. I always work my hardest to achieve my goals and am not afraid to take risks to get there. I am hungry to prove myself to those I love, but even more to skeptics. I am incredibly fortunate to have a loving family, great friends and a fantastic team around me. I learnt a lot about myself when I made my first ever demo recordings. At first, it was very strange to listen to myself singing but it allowed to understand what I was trying to say even more. I could hear when I was singing with passion and when I was not. Scott Segal, who provides the piano on the early recordings, helped me tremendously. My debut single “Unbreakable” was released on April 9th 2010 and it excelled my wildest dreams and reached number 1 in the Ö3 Hörercharts (Most Requested Charts for Austria) and was in the Top 40 Charts for over 20 weeks. The song is also featured on the “Ö3 Greatest Hits vol. 50” and “AustroPop Forever Vol. 4”! Since then I have been lucky enough to release “So Nice”, “Goodbyes”, “By Your Side” and “Smile” and work with some amazing musicians. Naturally, any musician is influenced by the music he listens to. In my case, Sting, Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash and Bon Jovi are at the top of the list. All legends in music history, but other influences include Snow Patrol, U2, Placebo, InMe, Jason Mraz, David Bowie and Bob Dylan. At the end of the day, just give me some good music and I’ll be the guy with the biggest smile, especially on a hot summer’s day!

  • 2010