RAMON are Valentin Oman & Thomas Mora, 2 musicians who got together recently in autumn 2004 to give birth to a new and exciting project called RAMON. They started off by jamming in a chilly place called "Salzberg", in the centre of Vienna. On several sundays they performed live with their instruments and their i-books. Friends, singers and musicians joined them and every sunday ended up being a big party. And during those sessions RAMON developed 12 lovely songs in their own new style. So it came, the owner of Salzberg - all excited Thomas Windisch - asked them to produce a CD called "Salzberg - the chillin´sessions". After 2 years of travelling the whole world, they started work on their next album which was finished summer 2009. It has the appropriate title "touring". The album also features their new singer Carl Avory from the U.K. After moving to vienna Carl soon became a full member of ramon.

  • 2004